Sarah and Natalie are sisters who each went through the loss of their first daughter. They had each other to lean on, chat with through the insomnia, cry to, and laugh with throughout their grief and they created Marigold Moms so you can have the same thing. 

Marigold Moms shares stories, fosters connections, and creates products to help you find healing after loss. 

Sarah & Natalie - Co-Founders of marigold moms

    Dallas and Sarah Bertola enjoyed nearly five perfect months with their first baby, Alice. Alice was healthy and thriving, until one day she passed away unexpectedly in her sleep. Sarah went to check on Alice in the morning and discovered the she had passed. After this sudden and devastating loss, Dallas and Sarah have worked hard to create joy in their lives, and had another daughter, Rosie. 

Mom to Alice • & Rosie Mae


     Natalie and her husband, Kevin, lost their first daughter, Margot to Trisomy 18 when she was just a week old. Natalie will always remember her doctor whispering in her ear that Margot was "incompatible with life" and then at her 6 week checkup asking her where he baby was. Natalie has had two healthy children since Margot and works as a wedding and family photographer. 

Mom to Margot • and Norah & Clark