What is a Rainbow Baby?

I was first introduced to the term rainbow baby after my sister Natalie’s daughter Margot passed away due to complications from Trisomy 18. Her daughter Norah was her rainbow baby after that loss.

Almost two years after Margot’s passing, my own daughter passed away from unexpectedly in her sleep. My husband and I decided together that we wanted to have another baby, our rainbow baby, quickly. We were blessed to get pregnant right away and now we are loving every minute with our rainbow baby, Rosie.

Natalie’s Rainbow Baby, Norah

I love the term rainbow baby. I think it is lovely, sweet, and illustrates the beauty and variety that comes with a child after a loss. Just as each color on the spectrum is shown on a rainbow, every possible feeling is felt. It brings a sweetness after the storm that doesn’t overpower the hardship, but does invite a certain warmth and calmness.

Some people aren’t fond of the term “rainbow baby” because of the implication that their other child was a “storm”. I would submit to them that their child was not the storm. Alice’s life contained the brightest, sunniest days of my life. I will always reflect on her memory as the happiest days I ever experienced, but the days following her death were the darkest. I wouldn’t describe those days as a storm, but an all-out cataclysm. Because of how much joy she brought me and the depth of my love for her, her death was as devastating and disruptive as anything could have been.

Sarah’s Rainbow Baby, Rosie

I love how rainbows come when the storm is still near. The rainbow comes as the world is still recovering. Not to fix everything. Not to draw attention away from the rain, but as a beautiful and peaceful promise of better days ahead.

Perhaps my favorite part of the term is the tie rainbows have with God. In the Bible, God sent a rainbow after the flood as a sign to Noah of hope and happiness in the future. I feel certain that my rainbow was sent to me from God as a promise of the same.

I made this video as a way to inform people of the meaning of rainbow baby, as well as a tribute to my sweet baby Rosie. She truly is my rainbow. Do you have a rainbow baby? How do you feel about the term?

We love you!


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